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The Kopila Valley Women's Center was started in 2013 by the BlinkNow Foundation. Troubled by how hard women had to struggle to earn a living and feed their families, founder Maggie Doyne created a women's empowerment program in Surkhet, Nepal where local women convened to learn job skills, increase their literacy, receive counseling services, and support one another.

 The Women's Center expanded in 2014 to include a retail shop in town, staffed by graduates of the training program and stocked with their beautiful handmade products. As the business grew, the women decided to branch out and launch their own for-profit cooperative, bringing together various artisans from the Surkhet Valley. By the end of 2017, after much hard work, our cooperative was up and running.

Our women now design and create many goods based on traditional crafts, and have expanded to offer bespoke products as well. The ties to our founding organization remain strong; the women still make the students' uniforms for the Kopila Valley School, and serve as mentors to the new members of the Kopila Valley Women's Center job skills training program.

The BlinkNow Foundation is thrilled to see the women's entrepreneurial spirit thriving, and is proud of the business they've built with their own hands. Purchasing a wholesale order from this website is one of the best ways to help the women of Surkhet become independent business women. (Please note that all such purchases are completely separate from the BlinkNow Foundation, and do not qualify as tax-deductible donations.)

 To support the current and future classes of women's empowerment training, you can make a donation directly to the BlinkNow Foundation here.  

 Amazing things happen when women come together and support each other. Thank you for making all of this possible.

The world will change when our girls and our women are educated.
— Maggie Doyne